About The Book

Is Your Child a Money Master or a Money Monster?


When your child asks you to buy them this and that, what do you do? Do you fork over your hard-earned cash and feel that indulging your child’s desire is a form of love? Do you decline because your money has to go to maintain the family, but feel like your child is losing out? 

That’s exactly what Sunny Lee tells us not to do!

Sunny is a firm believer in work, self-discipline, and happiness. She believes children are happiest when they succeed, especially when they surpass their own expectations. She knows the power of rewards, and shows parents how to use the power to encourage their children to strive. Ever since her twin sons, Jason and Matthew, were born, Sunny has creatively developed many different reward and incentive projects to teach her children how to be financially responsible. She wanted them to be Money Masters instead of Money Monsters!

Money Masters are those people of any age who understand how to earn and use money well. Money Monsters are those who constantly scramble to get money, or just expect others to give it to them. To help her sons master their own finances, Sunny developed successful systems that taught them where money comes from, how to take care of it, how to save money and earn interest, what hidden costs are involved in purchases, and how saving a little bit every day helps us to reach our goals. And it worked!

Now she’s bringing those proven systems to you so your child can also be a Money Master rather than a Money Monster. Sunny’s systems foster a great sense of personal pride and confidence in themselves that our children can carry with them into all aspects of their lives.

She also believes that every member of the family – at nearly any age – can give something that benefits the whole family. From the time her boys were two years old, Sunny asked them to reach age-appropriate goals then rewarded them every step of the way. Over and over again, they met every goal. Their successes helped the family and inspired their friends and teachers. Her sons, Jason and Matthew prove that we can accomplish more than we think. Even more, their success shows us what children are capable of. Today, they are not only owners of bank account, college funds and investment account, they are following in their mother’s footsteps by utilizing their money mastery to inspire younger children to take charge of their money management.

Using motivational thinking and lessons, Sunny shows us that Jim Rohn was right when he said, “For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward.”

This book will show you the creative systems Sunny used with her boys to teach them good habits, financial literacy, personal responsibility, and the satisfaction of being generous to others. It will show you the power rewards and encouragement can have to motivate your child to become their best. And if you, too, are a financially naïve child at heart, Sunny’s systems may help you strive a little harder to become so much more! Even parents can learn through working these systems with their children, setting goals, and celebrating when those goals are reached. Plus, she shows you some pretty fun games.

Money Masters and Money Monsters are created through what they’re taught. Which one do you want your child to be?